The morten Andersen family foundaiton

“What you give will grow…what you keep will perish!”

The purpose of the Morten Andersen Family Foundation: To affect positive change among children and youth locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

The ideology behind the foundation: 1)To those much is given, much is expected. 2)Pay it forward to the next generation. 3)Affect positive change among people regardless of race, sex, religion or nationality.

Areas of emphasis and focus: 1)Education and scholarships 2)Quality of life initiatives for children and youth 3)Quality of life initiatives for servicemen and women

Our Special Operations Soldiers are the most highly trained soldiers on the planet. Seldom seen and intentionally confidential, these are the men whose exploits are the stuff of books and movies. However, we often forget these brave warriors have families and are the fathers of sons and daughters. No amount of courage or heroism changes the reality that these soldiers are made of flesh, blood, and bone. The families of these fallen or critically wounded heroes need our support.

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The Morten Andersen Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization tax ID# 27-1544616

6495 Old Shadburn Ferry RD, Buford GA, 30518 678-889-6244

Morten Andersen Family Foundation